As the PI of the ACT study, we evaluated the implementation of Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care standards for the delivery Assertive Community Treatment Programs in Ontario. In 1998, the Ontario government formally endorsed the use of Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) programs as a mechanism to reduce acute hospitalizations while continuing to support the provision of services to individuals with serious mental illness in the community (Ontario Ministry of Health, 1998).  These programs are designed to address the needs of individuals with the most severe mental illness who would not otherwise be able to function independently in the community. Based on our preliminary findings, we received an invitation from the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care to make a formal presentation at a Ministry sponsored meeting of the managers of the province’s Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) Programs, their Advisory Boards, and senior Ministry personnel.  We have received feedback that, because of our research, changes have been made to policies including the type of data the Ministry collects from ACT Programs.


Examples of Conference Presentations

Making Gains in Mental Health and Additions conference (2006) – Exploring Barriers to ACT Program Fidelity in Ontario

CAHSPR conference (2007) – Problems, Pitfalls and Priorities: Reflections on Efforts to Measure and Evaluate Compliance with Standards for Community Based Mental Health Services

SSSP conference (2011) – Identifying Barriers to Community Participation in the Delivery of Assertive Community Treatment Programs


Related Publications

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