Mapping thTransitions report (FINAL)-thumbnaile Policy to Practice Landscape for Youth Mental Health in Ontario is the report from the research project titled “Enhancing Health System Performance and Patient-Centred Care: Youth to Adult Transitions in Health Care – The Case of Mental Health Services in Ontario” (hereafter referred to simply as the “Youth to Adult Transitions project”), which was funded by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care. It is part of a larger project titled “Harnessing Evidence and Values for Health System Excellence”. The “Youth to Adult Transitions project” began in 2013 with a team of researchers at McMaster University and with the support of a project steering committee composed of representatives from: (1) the Ontario government (Ministries of Health and Long-Term Care, Children and Youth Services, and Education); (2) three Local Health Integration Networks (LHINs); (3) transition-age youth and family members; and (4) a range of practitioners and experts from community mental health and related organizations.

             Transitions Study Final Report (2016)

This report provides a high-level overview of the project and the research team’s findings. More in-depth findings have been reported at various conferences and in academic journals. Lay summaries of some of the study findings, along with additional project outputs, may also be found at: The views expressed in this report are the views of the authors and should not be taken to represent the views of the Government of Ontario or members of the steering committee.

Other Study Documents

Policy to Practice Framework (2016)

Tool for Decision-Makers

Tool for Youth and Families


Examples of Conference Presentations

Children’s Mental Health Ontario conference (2014) – Exploring Child/Youth to Adult Transitions in Mental Health Care

CAHSPR conference (2014) – Philosophies of Care

ICME conference (2015) – Effectiveness of Health System Services and Programs

CAHSPR conference (2016) – The Role of Information Technology in Transitions

CAHSPR conference (2016) – Mapping of Transitions Programs


Related Publications

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